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Step into a world of chic designs and unique treasures hand-selected for your closet; a world where the hottest trends and timeless styles collide to create an unmatched selection of apparel and accessories.

We strive to inspire you with ideas to underline your unique charisma!

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For over two decades «Spartak Ohanyan & Friends» company has a unique input in fashion designer brands representation in Armenia. Customers are offered the most demanded fashion brands in one elegant showcase - the PASSAGE fashion store - where you feel the elegance and the luxury that underlines your charisma.

Besides the PASSAGE stores, nowadays, «Spartak Ohanyan & Friends» officially represents two brands by their own stores in Armenia; (Harmont & Blaine) and (Moreschi). Our mission is to create a comfortable environment for shopping switching it to a source of inspiration, which allows the customer to realize his/her desires clearly.

Our true value remains in fully understanding our customers. We always strive to make them satisfied with a range of high-quality products, paying attention to their valuable opinion, which forms our corporate guideline for future prospering plans. PASSAGE is considered the leading key guide leading to the world of fashion and trends in Armenia.

our brands

Names, heritage, variety of chic designs, and the most trending fashion brands for your closet; Salvatore Ferragamo, Billionaire, Harmont & Blaine, Moreschi, Santoni, Stemar, Tory Burch, Voile Blanche, Doriani, and Philipp Plein. Timeless styles collide to create an unmatched selection of apparel and accessories.

Salvatore Ferragamo

Heritage rich in creativity, inspired by beauty and sophistication, Salvatore Ferragamo is one of the world's most prestigious Italian fashion house. Clean lines, embellished textures and luxurious materials expressed through the artisanal craftsmanship for which the brand is renowned, bring style and glamour to its revered collection of shoes, handbags, belts and watches.


Dominant, virile and unapologetic, the Billionaire man doesn’t want a boring suit; he doesn’t want to look like his accountant. He’s proud of what he’s achieved and he wants to show it. From a crocodile trench coat to a metallic jacquard jacket, his clothes are a celebration of success and demand attention. Just like the men who wear them, Billionaire pieces are the ultimate expression of cocksure style.

Harmont & Blaine

Represents one of the most dynamic and successful realities in the fashion industry and the explanation of this success comes from an entrepreneurial idea that reflects originality coherence and innovation. Every Harmont & Blaine creation comes from this observation of lifestyle changes, it proposes a new look which better satisfy the changing needs of the modern man. It turns in fanciful clothes their emotions and aspirations.

Philipp Plein

Based on the designer’s dynamism and positive spirit, this creed is the driving force that has made Philipp Plein’s eponymous label the successful international brand that it is today. A tribute to the passionate individualist who transforms their innermost desires into reality, who makes a daily promise to live their dreams.


The finest in men's luxury shoes, apparel and accessories. The brand weekly produces thousands of shoes, to the loyal customers worldwide. Moreschi independently carries out all stages of production, from the design of new models to packaging. Sewing a pair of shoes is a set of complex operations carried out by a team of specialists. The factory isequipped with the newest facilities, but still some of the models, consisting of several dozen of leather pieces, are sewn by hand.


Legendary Italian company producing handmade luxury shoes. Excellent quality, unparalleled comfort and durability models - that's what distinguishes the products of the Santoni Fashion house from the rest. The indicative feature of the Santoni brand is a combination of traditional Italian masters’ handicraft, genuine leather and quality.


Named after two of the Moreschi sons, Stefano and Mario. The shoes are produced at our state of the art manufacturing facility in Vigevano, Italy, where old style shoemaking traditions and expertise are married to modern technology and machinery. The collection represents the vision and creativity of the Moreschi family, and a rich tradition of footwear design.

Tory Burch

Founded in 2004 in New York City, a distinctly American brand with a global point of view, taking its cue from Tory herself. The company and its more than 300 stores globally — embrace a philosophy of family first and the work of the Tory Burch Foundation, which empowers women entrepreneurs.

Voile Blanche

Expresses a light, naturally fluid style based on the harmony of lines and colours. Shapes are enhanced by innovative processing techniques and high-performing materials. The spirit of Voile Blanche is to be inspired by people, while respecting personal styles and attitudes. A single rule: continuous research for sartorial quality.


A postwar period, the company's was known as "STORM", the origins of the Doriani brand goes back to two generations of a very high quality level. In 1930s we manufactured a very elegant kind of belts and straps. Afterwards we got skilled in raincoats, coats, tailleurs for man and woman. The firm was equipped to distribute the goods through 24 owned stores in Northern Italy.

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