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Swiss luxury empire Bally is one of the oldest industries in the world of fashion. Being founded more than 160 years ago, Bally jealously keeps the traditions of the fashion house. The company still remembers how real aristocrats walk and talk, here everyone respects the leisure buyers andcreates things that will accompany you for many years.

Throughout its history Bally was designed for the most discerning clients for whom quality and comfort are the main criteria when choosing clothes and shoes. Recently, Bally has presented bright, youth models which are of a special throughout the world.

Currently Bally presentsthree main lines - classic, casual and a special collection of shoes for yachting.

The most successful part of Bally business was launched by Karl Franz Bally’s grandson. He turned Bally shoes into personalized products by making shoes on clients’ orders, for those who cannot tolerate standardized solutions. Now each of wealthy buyers can design shoes according to his personal taste and order its production in Bally.

Leather textures, natural materials, comfort, Swiss heritage and craftsmanship have been and remain creative inspiration for Bally.

Innovation, functionality and elegance are the symbols of Bally.