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Distinguished by the well-known Dachshund logo, Harmont& Blaine is the sophisticated smart - casual clothing brand recognized in Italy and abroad for its high quality and constant search for innovative colors and fabrics.


Harmont& Blaine represents one of the most dynamic and successful realities in the fashion industry and the explanation of this success comes from an entrepreneurial idea that reflects originality coherence and innovation. Every Harmont& Blaine creation comes from this observation of lifestyle changes. 

Harmont& Blaine propose a new look which better satisfy the changing needs of the modern man. It turns in fanciful clothes their emotions and aspirations. 

According to the brand's history, in the 18th century Duke of Harmont left his castle, and traveled the world looking for new and unusual fabrics, then brought them to Europe. The duke had a favorite and faithful dachshund, called Blaine, who always traveled with him. These characters became the spark of inspirationfor  Italian designers to create a logo and the name for the apparel brand - Harmont& Blaine, the brand which very soon conquered the world.

Harmont& Blaine rejects and disintegrates the traditional repetitive approach of the trend circle to deconstruct and restyle fashion from a more exciting and genuine perspective so far, staying faithful to their inspirer who had devoted his life to finding interesting and exceptional textures.

Those values have been behind the business idea since its launch, and today Harmont& Blaine is a luxury lifestyle brand of Mediterranean heritage with a worldwide recognition and appreciation.