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From celebrities to dignitaries and world leaders - Moreschi is worn by the world's elite. 

Since 1948, Moreschi has been producing the finest in men's luxury shoes, apparel and accessories.  The brand weekly produces thousands ofshoes, then to present them to the loyal customers worldwide.

Moreschi independently carries out all stages of production, from the design of new models to packaging. Sewing a pair of shoes is a set of complex operations carried out by a team of specialists. The factory isequipped with the newest facilities, but still some of the models, consisting of several dozen of leather pieces, are sewn by hand.

The combination of the best materials and the rarest types of leather – ostrich, crocodile, lizard, allows achieving the highest trademark level. 

Modern technologies and professional shoemakers help to create unsurpassed models of footwear.

Moreschi offers a very elegant, but at the same time very comfortable models. The collections include shoes of casual and classic styles, thus allowing feeling the sophistication and convenience in any situation.

The company is proud of its elitist image, the roots of which lie in the strict adherence to tradition. Expensive materials, fine lines and comfortable shoes allow the brand to be considered as one of the best in the shoe industry.

 Moreschi is a classic, which will always be in trend.