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PHILIPP PLEINcollections are fun, provocative and always luxurious, with an attention to craftsmanship.
The PHILIPP PLEIN brand and lifestyle are a tribute to the passionate individualist who transforms their innermost desires into reality, who makes a daily promise to live their dreams.
Philipp Plein began his career designing furniture for family and friends. When his designs drew attention from the interior design industry he founded his own company, Philipp Plein.
After, Plein began making bags and accessories out of leftover leather, which he sold alongside his furniture.
PHILIPP PLEIN designs unique creations, interpreting an extraordinary contemporary lifestyle.

Based on the designer’s dynamism and positive spirit, this creed is the driving force that has made Philipp Plein’s eponymous label the successful international brand that it is today.

The first PHILIPP PLEIN boutique was inaugurated in 2009 in Monte Carlo. Plein now has boutiques worldwide.