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The Tod`s is an italian brand is known for shoes and luxury leather goods, with styles that have became icons of modern living.

Tod's Tod’s is known in the luxury goods sector as a symbol of the perfect combination of tradition, quality and modernity.  


Tod's has its roots in the early 1900, when Filippo della Valle founded a small family business near Ancona. 

In the 70s, with the input and entrepreneurial creativity of his son Diego, the original leather goods grows and evolves.  

Tod's The evolution of corporate Tod's does not change the original intent production: production of footwear and leather accessories of the highest quality, hand-crafted by hand. 

Some styles, like the Gommini Driving Shoe and the D bag, are cherished by celebrities and ordinary people worldwide, and have become icons and forerunners of a new concept of elegance, for both women and men.